Social Support for the Breastfeeding Mothers in Breastfeeding: Scoping Review

  • Annisa Purwanggi and Herlin Fitriani Kurniawati


World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) 2018 states out of 136,700,000 babies around the world, only 32.6% of them who consume exclusive breastfeeding. Based on WHO’s data in 2018, the average number of exclusive breastfeeding in the world is only 38%, it is far from WHO target in the standard of breastfeeding. Support to the breastfeeding mothers such as providing them information about breastfeeding. In order to improve the number of exclusive breastfeeding given, many sectors must cooperate with related parties including mothers’ working place or health facilities. This review has purpose to map the literature and review the evidence regarding social support for the breastfeeding mothers in breastfeeding. This review method uses Arskey and O'Malley with steps that start from identifying study questions, identifying relevant studies, selecting articles, charting data, and compiling and reporting results. Results: Out of 8 selected literatures, 7 literatures have grade A and 1 literature has grade B. Four themes emerge as the result of scoping review, such as the form of support to the breastfeeding mothers, support for the breastfeeding mothers in breastfeeding, the breastfeeding mothers' perceptions about breastfeeding, and factors that prevent breastfeeding mothers from breastfeeding. Conclusion: Social support received by the breastfeeding mothers influences mothers in breastfeeding. The study gap used as a reference in further study is the discussion about the importance healthcare professionals in providing information related to breastfeeding by involving husband and family since the ANC visit and the postpartum period.

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