Aedes Mosquito Control through Community Participation – An Android Application

  • G. Jeyakodi, R. Sunitha, Aravindhakumaran


Mosquitoes are not only annoying insects they are the intermediate vector agents responsible for spreading many deadly or debilitating diseases like malaria, yellow fever, dengue, zika, chikungunya and lymphatic filariasis to human. The widespread female Aedes genus mosquitoes Ae. aegypti and Ae. albopictus play a vital role in the spread of dengue disease by transmitting dengue virus to humans through blood feeding. Eliminating Aedes mosquitoes emergence by abolishing the breeding sources are the best way to control dengue, because of the growth of insecticide resistance in mosquitoes. The communities have a dynamic role in combating and preventing dengue and also need to be educated in this regard. Technology enabled solutions like mobile applications facilitate a faster and an effective outreach to the public. Even though many android apps are available for dengue and Aedes mosquito, no apps for Aedes control through community participation. This motivated us to develop easily downloadable free Google play android application for the public to initiate Aedes mosquito control through awareness and registering breeding source complaints.

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