Performance Evaluation of Various types of Solar Dryer and Drying Technologies

  • Harshit P. Bhavsar, Dr. Chetankumar M. Patel


Uncertain price of fossil fuel and Unavailability of electricity generates the opportunity to use the
Renewable source of Energy. Solar energy is useful in Renewable Energy. Solar drying is the most
used application in solar energy. For drying the various agricultural products or food drying is very
important to avoid it from micro bacterial growth and spoiling. After the drying product can be stored
for a long time. This paper is contains a Review of solar dryer and technologies used for drying
process. Different Researchers have used different Design, Structure and Component for solar drying
Experiment it is shown in this paper. Characteristics of different dryer also presented in this
communication. Outcome of experiments also mentioned in the article for a different product with
different temperature range, capacity and efficiency. Review of direct, indirect, mix mode, active and
passive type of solar dryer is made. Indirect solar dryer, reduce the drying time and increase the
drying Efficiency. This review focus on Recent Development in solar dryer and advancement in solar
collector. Some Automation and software analysis can further improve the design and ergonomics of
solar dryer in the future. Attachment of any energy storage material can run the drying process even
after the sun light which reduces the drying time

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