Teacher Certification and Professionalism in Indonesia

  • Bambang Sumardjoko, Sudarno Shobron, Muthoifin and Purnamansyah


The aim of this study is to determine the professionalism characteristics, qualified teachers and the efforts of teachers to carry out learning and the functioning of the principal in improving teacher performance Methodology, this research is a descriptive study. A certified teacher, headmaster, was the subject of the study. Technical data collection, surveys and documents used. Data set. Mechanical data processing, data presentation and decision-making by data reduction Result, master's degree and competence exam mastering technical competencies, including mastery of content, framework, definition and reasoning of science help for teaching topics, and improving practice in a balanced manner by proactive intervention. Teachers are masters of pedagogical competence, including mastery of the characteristics of learners, mastery of learning theory and principles of learning, curriculum development, implementation of learning activities that educate, communicate with students and conduct assessment or evaluation. For colleges, teachers and students, this work can be used. New / original, efforts by teachers with the certification of the Muhammadiyah Surakarta 2 and SMA 3 high schools for the optimization of performance in the implementation of learning.

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