Social Support on Postpartum Depression Women: A Scoping Review

  • Heni Angraini and Herlin Fitriani Kurniawati


Depression is a major cause of disability worldwide. In fact more than 50% of postpartum depression is not diagnosed due to the stigma of society. Postpartum depression can cause effects on the social and personal life of mothers who just give birth, such as the effect of maternal and infant relationship as well as marriage relationship and unable to treat the baby optimally including breastfeeding. Social support is a form of attention, appreciation and relief that other people or groups can serve as help to make self-adjusting to stress where the influence of social support can affect a person's psychology. This review aims to map out literatureand reviewevidence regarding how social support could overcome postpartum depression. The method of this review was the adoption of Arskey and O'Malley with steps that started from identifying research questions, identifying relevant studies, article selection, charting data, as well as compiling and reporting results. Based on the 6 selected articles with grade-A. Three themes obtained based on this review were social support providers (support from husbands & families, support from peers), form of supports (online media, counseling, information support and assistance care) and coping with strategies (emotion focused & religious strategies).

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