Human Rights and Pancasila Democracy in the Construction of National Law Development

  • Subarkah, Suparnyo, Iskandar Wibawa and Lidya Christina Wardhani


The main objective of the research is that Indonesia needs to establish a national legal construction based on the values of Pancasila democracy and human rights because the existing law sometimes cannot uphold justice. The development of national law, in addition to aiming to regulate and protect its citizens, also to foster a spirit so that public awareness of the law and the upholding of human rights based on Pancasila values can be were realised. Pancasila democracy is an understanding of democracy based on the values contained in the Pancasila ideology. Besides, in Pancasila democracy, there are human rights that serve as goals and prerequisites so that the development of national laws formed can run well. The method used in this research is to use normative juridical research methods with descriptive-analytical data analysis based on qualitative methods to obtain a clear picture of human rights and Pancasila democracy in the construction of national law development. The results of this study are to support the development of national law with the existence of legal politics. The law is fundamental for the government to develop the desired national law in Indonesia. Law enforcement needs to support human rights in order to be well protected and implement Pancasila democracy as the personality of the Indonesian nation, which gave birth to the foundation of the Indonesian State, Pancasila, in the opening of the Undang-Undang Dasar 1945. That is because Indonesian society is a pluralistic nation and has a strong national spirit and adheres to spiritual values, so it should be realised not only in the form of regulations legislation but also look at policies and norms that grow and develop in society.

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