Experimental Investigation on Performance of Multiwalled Carbon Nano Tubes Grafted Carbon Fiber Reinforced Friction Material

  • Naresh Kumar Konada, K. N. S. Suman, S. Siva Kumar


The present research work was prompted to study the actual performance of carbon fiber reinforced friction material using a two wheeler brake test rig. In this work, carbon fiber (CF) content after three surface treatment methods oxidation (CF1), nitric acid (CF2), and multi walled carbon nano tubes functionalized (MWCNT-F) grafted on CF (CF3),  is mixed with phenol polymer matrix and other remaining ingredients. Friction materials are developed by considering surface treated CF content as (5 wt %) using injection moulding method by using a standard die. After fabrication, friction materials are machined to remove unwanted edges to meet with the standard dimensions of friction materials having outer radius 75mm, inner radius 55 mm and thickness 6 mm. Three slotted friction materials are obtained at equal distance of 20mm for each slot and with a depth of 4mm. The performance of surface treated friction materials with three slot condition are evaluated using a test rig at varying speeds and pressures applied on the friction material. These materials are compared with the existing standard asbestos fiber friction material (AF). The test was performed based on few assumptions. All friction materials are characterized for their physical, mechanical, chemical and tribological performance. Scanning electron microscope images (SEM), Atomic force microscope images (AFM) and energy dispersive X-Ray spectroscopy (EDS)  are observed for all the samples before and after performing the test, to identify uniform distribution of all the ingredients and worn surface analysis of the materials. The results reveal that, (MWCNT-F grafted on CF three slotted condition friction material), CF3 exhibits good overall performance interms of fade, recovery, weight loss and uniform distribution of all the ingredients compared to other formulations of friction materials.

 Keywords: Asbestos fiber, Carbon fiber, Fade, Recovery, Two wheeler test rig

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S. Siva Kumar, N. K. K. K. N. S. S. (2019). Experimental Investigation on Performance of Multiwalled Carbon Nano Tubes Grafted Carbon Fiber Reinforced Friction Material. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 28(16), 554 - 571. Retrieved from https://sersc.org/journals/index.php/IJAST/article/view/1873