Studies Drying Process Products

  • Safarov J.E., Sultanova Sh.A., Khujakulov U.K., Samandarov D.I.


Currently, agriculture, food production and ensuring its safety are more relevant than ever on a global
scale. At the same time, the processing of agricultural products has been and remains a decisive factor
affecting the efficiency of agricultural production. Being one of the most important sectors of the
agricultural sector of Uzbekistan, the production of dried fruits and vegetables, the level of
development of which largely determines the solution to the country's food problem, should be based
on the desire to reduce the cost of dried fruit production. By analyzing the achievement of a high effect
of the use of infrared radiation, the study of the heating temperature of the emitter is substantiated. The
mechanism of the emitted energy of the IR spectrum, the magnitude of its duration and density are
described. The cyclical nature of energy transformations, ensuring the maximum efficiency of the
process, the effect, including sterilizing when drying fruits (figs and apples), is revealed. The
experimentally obtained parameters of the heat treatment processes of figs and apples are presented

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