Investigations of Technologial Proccess Work of the Energy-Saving Combination Aggregate For Re-Sowing The Seeds

  • Alimova F. A., Primkulov B.Sh


Re-sown crops made over the course of one season make it possible to use arable land more
productively and obtain a larger volume of agricultural products per unit area.
The proposed resource-saving technology consists in ridge sowing seeds of re-sown crops in the rows
of cotton, after harvesting the planting filler crops of winter wheat for grain. In the rows of growing
cotton after harvesting the main part of the crop in the standing cotton stems along the slopes of
irrigation furrows in an drill planting, planting filler sowing of winter wheat is performed. After
harvesting the cotton stems and planting filler crops of winter wheat, which falls on next year, the soil
of the cotton ridge is loosened and the re-sown crops are sown in the cotton ridge by one pass of the
For the research the model aggregate was made on the basis of the domestic modular pneumatic
planter SMX-4-01, the front of the cotton cultivator KXУ-4B and the experimental milling and chisel
working bodies. It is aggregated with a universal cultivating tractor of class 1.4. Aggregate replaces
3 agricultural machines and performs functions: undercutting and complete destruction of vegetative
weeds; combing clipped weeds to the field surface; cutting the ridge soil in a vertical plane along the
line of separation of the furrow slice from the array along the future seed row and partial milling of
soil and trash; mulching the surface of the dried up soil layer of the ridge; minimal cultivation of
ridge soil, combined with mulching the surface with trash of cotton; intensive crumbling and
loosening of the lower soil of the ridge without turning it to the surface; preparation of a leveled hard
bed; dotted sowing of seeds re-culture in the ridge of cotton.
A scheme for arranging the working bodies on the beam of a row cultivator, as well as their rational
parameters, has been developed.
Volumetric weight, moisture and soil hardness at the tops of the ridge, on the slopes of the ridge and
in the furrow were determined. Soil crushing after passage of the aggregate with reasonable
parameters are: size of the soil particles less than 25 mm - 85,5%; 25 mm …50 mm - 7,7%; 50
mm…100 mm - 6,8%, which completely satisfy to agro technical demands.
This resource-saving technology provides: improving soil conditions for the development of re-sown
crops and reducing the risk of erosion; saving of labor; reduction of fuel consumption; high efficiency
of field work; obtaining a high, economically viable and environmentally sound crop of a given
quality; productive use of arable land and obtaining a large volume of agricultural products per unit
area; the possibility of obtaining three crops in two years from a unit area. As a result, it becomes
possible to sow 5-6 days earlier than when sowing with preliminary irrigation of the field or when
sowing after plowing. In addition, shoots appear friendly and strong, which in the future positively
affects the further growth of culture.
According to preliminary calculations, the economic effect of introducing the use of combined
aggregate, equipped with working bodies with reasonable rational parameters, is up to at least 9, 5
million soums per year

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