Detection of Fraudulence Activity Using Smart Cards

  • S. Sathyavathi, R. Dhaaraani, S. Kavitha, G. Prema Arokia Mary


Credit card fraud is a major issue in budgetary administrations. Enormous measure of cash is lost because of the credit card each year. The loss of cash creates more turmoil to the two shippers and clients. To maintain a strategic distance from this circumstance, in this task, another methodology has been proposed to distinguish atypical conduct dependent on heterogeneous data and a data fusion strategy. There are four kinds of datasets applied in this undertaking including credit card, steadfastness card, GPS and picture data. Each dataset has various modalities. In proposed framework we utilize Random Forest Algorithm (RFA) for finding the fraudulent exchanges and the precision of those exchanges. This calculation depends on administered learning calculation where it utilizes decision trees for classification of the dataset. So each dataset must be handled independently. In that, initial step is pre-processing and the subsequent stage is highlight choice. Machine learning calculations are utilized for classification in these four kinds of datasets. After classification, the halfway outcome must be put away. All the middle of the road results are blended and investigated utilizing Data fusion strategy to wind up with legitimate outcomes.

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S. Sathyavathi, R. Dhaaraani, S. Kavitha, G. Prema Arokia Mary. (2020). Detection of Fraudulence Activity Using Smart Cards. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(06), 4344 - 4352. Retrieved from