An Attitudinal Analysis for the Civil service aspirant at pre joining situation

  • Dr. Ashish Sharma


Public service has also contained the attitude element. Public service motivation also has a significant
presence. Perry (1996) has referenced about public service motivation which affects job choice,
performance, and organizational effectiveness. Public functions includes planning , execution and
controlling at various level. The public officials may have some attitude to support various Govt
functions. Hurt, Joseph, and Cook (1977) concentrated on personal interest to work for change. This is
personality based approach. Study done by Carmeli and Spreitzer (2009) presented that innovative
work done by is the base of high-performance organization. This type of work behavior promotes
organizational competitiveness. Present studies give sufficient push to the existence of attitude in
Public works. The psychological contract also plays a role. Jansen(2008) has worked on this
aspect.This paper aims to present the role o public servant’s attitude in the success of any public
programme.How does influencing factors play an important role in determining the attitudinal status
of any public official. Organisational culture has some role in this regard.Shook (2008) had presented
the role of organizational culture and satisfaction in this regard.

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