Research Impediments and Challenges in Indian Academia: Conquering them Ethically

  • Dr. Smriti Malhotra


Research has a paramount importance in the expansion and dissemination of knowledge. In the present Indian context the academic fraternity be it the research scholars, the supervisors, the teachers - all face numerous impediments and challenges in the process of conducting and publishing a good research study. This paper throws light on the various barriers and challenges encountered by the academicians during the process of research and how these can be overcome. The paper also highlights the ethical dilemmas in research along with the problem of plagiarism and also suggests solutions with specific reference to the Indian context. The paper also discusses the Indian policy perspectives on curbing plagiarism. The present paper describes the results of the study conducted on 50 research scholars and 15 supervisors in order to find out the various challenges encountered in conducting and publishing a research study and what impact it had on the required research output. The descriptive survey method was utilized in this study. The researcher – made instrument comprising the questionnaire containing both open and closed ended questions was administered to the academicians. The study established that various impediments such as lack of competence in academic writing skills, lack of funds and many others that hinder the conduction and publication of a good research study. The study recommends solutions and measures that can be taken up in an endeavour to overcome the challenges and conduct good quality research.

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