Underground Drainage Monitoring system using IOT

  • R.Sarath kumar, P.Ananth, M.Mukunthan, N.Parthipan, Dr.B.Maruthi Shankar


The smart drainage system is a crucial think of municipal infrastructure. It is undoubtedly it is a part of our daily life. Nowadays, we can see that people and drainage workers are facing many problems regarding drainage cleaning. So we look for a new technology that ensures worker’s safety. Therefore, a system that handles underground waters and harmful gases are essential to building the system. This problem was illustrated various functions used for maintenance and monitoring of underground drainage systems. The system uses various sensors like Temperature sensor; Water level sensor and gas sensor are interfacing with PIC Microcontroller in order to make the system as smart. This system monitors the water level and hazard gases. If the drainage system gets blocked and water overflows this blockage will be instinctively recognized by sensors and also collecting the data’s about the hazard gases like Carbon monoxide, Hydrogen sulphate and methane these gases are founded harmful gases to humans lives. Specific sensors reached to the threshold level, the problem will be indicated and displays the message on the 16x2 LCD this information is sent through IOT to the nearby municipality service for the future action. This smart drainage monitoring scheme will help to maintain the health of the people living the nearby areas mainly during the wet season and ensuring the drainage workers are safe during the evacuation of wastes. This collected also ensures that instinctive action taken by the government personnel.

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R.Sarath kumar, P.Ananth, M.Mukunthan, N.Parthipan, Dr.B.Maruthi Shankar. (2020). Underground Drainage Monitoring system using IOT. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(9s), 5576 - 5582. Retrieved from https://sersc.org/journals/index.php/IJAST/article/view/18084