Cultural Swarm based Task Scheduling (CS-TS) Technique for Cloud Computing Environment

  • P. Nithya , Dr. L. Jayasimman


Cloud computing offers dynamic allocation of resources on demand, the feature that makes it to face apart providing great performance, scalability, cost efficient much less maintenance, thus rendering it an choice that is apt. Task scheduling becomes the factor that is essential enhancing the performance when it comes to dynamic allocation of resources which is most essential when you look at the cloud environment to boost performance and reduce steadily the cost. Scheduling of task and allocation of virtualized resources this kind of a widely distributed dynamic environment is a assignment that is challenging. Attaining proficiency and fairness that is providing tasks execution could be the primary consideration regarding the task scheduling algorithm. The aim of this paper is always to tackle the resource that is dynamic when you look at the cloud environment. Optimization approaches are widely found in the problems that are NP-hard. Optimization based task scheduling technique is proposed in this paper. In this proposed Cultural Swarm based Task Scheduling (CS-TS) technique, user tasks are employed when you look at the queue manager. The consumer task is provided for the CS-TS technique for resource allocation because of the queue manager. This proposed CS-TS consists of the Cultural Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization techniques

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