Analysis of Crack Propagation on Spur Gear due to Tooth Bending Fatigue

  • M.A. Mohite, B.S. Kothavale


Spur gear of Grass cutter fails due to bending fatigue of the gear tooth. The numerical simulation is carried out to analysis of crack propagation. Ip theory of the fracture mechanics approachis employed to establish the functional correlation between fatigue crack growth rate and the maximum and minimum stress intensity factors (SIFs).The service life of the gear is estimated using numerical simulation with Ip theory. Stress intensity factor (SIF) is playing the major role for crack advancement. It is also necessaryto determinethe crack trajectory at the tooth root.The test gear with an initially cracked tooth at the root is tested for crack propagation on experimental set-up. The service life obtained by numerical simulation using Ansys software is verified with experimental results. The useful service life of spur gear bythe numerical simulation with Ip theoryis very close to the service life obtained by experimentation.The generated crack propagates from the active side to the inactive side of the tooth root. The crack trajectory at the root of the gear tooth determined by the numerical simulation and experimental method is curved and very close to each other.

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