An Empirical Study on the Customers’ Satisfaction on Fintech Mobile Payment Services in Malaysia

  • Shaliza Alwi, Rabiatul Munirah Alpandi, Masrina Nadia Mohd Salleh, Irfah Najihah Basir, Farrah Fawzia Md Ariff


The financial industry has been a competitive industry as financial institutions are providing almost similar products and services. This results them in competing based on service quality. In addition to that, the fast evolution in technology has cause Fintech application mobile to be introduced in Malaysia. Thus, this research will look into the several factors affecting customer satisfaction in Malaysia where ease of use, Security & Privacy, Information Presentation, Convenience and Lastly Service Quality will be taken into account by applying variable associated to the integration Theory of Dissonance, Assimilation and Contrast. This paper is a quantitative study where data are collected through online questionnaires. The results of the Pearson correlation analysis have shown that Security and Privacy (SP) is the strong influential factor of customer satisfaction towards Fintech mobile payment services followed by Service Quality (SQ), Information Presentation (IP) and Ease of Use (EOU). Therefore, financial institutions in Malaysia can enhance the security and privacy level or create awareness among their customers by giving and insight or explanation on the security level as well as privacy.

 Keywords: Fintech, assimilation theory, dissonance theory, contrast theory, customer satisfaction, Fintech mobile payment services

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Najihah Basir, Farrah Fawzia Md Ariff, S. A. R. M. A. M. N. M. S. I. (2019). An Empirical Study on the Customers’ Satisfaction on Fintech Mobile Payment Services in Malaysia. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 28(16), 390-400. Retrieved from