Hydroelectric Power Plant for Educational Tourism in Mount Puntang, Bandung Regency, West Java,

  • Henny Sudibyo, Anjar Susatyo, Ridwan Arief Subekti


Mount Puntang is located in Cimaung Village, Banjaran District, Bandung Regency,
which has a height of 2,223 m above sea level. Mount Puntang is a tourist area with a
variety of visitors to enjoy its natural beauty such as rivers, campsites, caves and other
attractive natural scenery. The river in the tourist area of Mount Puntang has the
potential to create a hydroelectric power system. This hydroelectric power system can be
used as educational tourism and support the energy source of the tourist area. The
potential measurement results obtained measured flow of 0.053 m3/s. For the head of this
river, it is obtained 6 m. The choice of turbines and generators for the benefit of
especially the education of hydroelectric power plants in the tourist area is not only the
amount of the potential electricity generated but also the sustainability of the system with
its technology that is easily understood by the general public or students. For this reason,
it is necessary to consider alternatives to the choice of turbine type, propeller turbine with
6 m head will get a power potential of 3,122 W. If using a vortex type turbine with 2 m
head will get 1,041 W power and with head 1m will get 520 W. Renewable energy power
plants that utilize natural potential can be a joint solution in generating energy and for
tourism potential. The renewable energy technology of hydropower plants can also be a
learning tool for the community to increase their knowledge.

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