A Comprehensive Review of Internet of Things Impact on Smart Agricultural Fields and Related Domains

  • M.V.Narayana, K Raveendra Kumar, J Rajeshwar,Rishi sayal, H S Saini


The Internet of Things (IoT) in the development of agriculture plays a significant role. Agricultural problems are always hindering the growthof the country. Smart agriculture addresses this problem by improving existing traditional farming systems. Therefore IoT technologies into the farming sector, and more specifically, that target activities includeweeding, spraying, moisture contact, birds, animals, and fears in this project's role. New technologies and methods, about the farmers, the systems that create the many experts that farmers need to sit more comfortably in the world. However, these expert systems rely on the knowledge base to store data. This paper proposes a smart agriculture system using the Internet of Things (IoT) that uses real-time collected input data.Agriculture is a primary food source for any country. But now, the city and the migration to rural areas affect the agricultural sector. So to make agriculture easier, IoT is being used for smart farming methods. GPS -based remote control, monitoring, humidity, temperature, orientation, entrants, security, the leaves are wet, proper irrigation facilities, and the various aspects of the project include. It uses wireless sensor networks to detect soil behavior and other affecting factors. Different sensor-based IoT devices needed to install at various locations in the agricultural fields. Any remote control device, or Internet service attributes, operations, interfacing sensors, Wi-Fi, a chip camera to be done. The idea of a by-product in creating agricultural and welfare of agriculture, rural, and farming issues have always hindered China's development. Agrarian reform is the only solution to these three problems. However, China's agriculture has been modernizing ever since. The introduction of cloud computing and the Internet are probably the problem and solve the matters of agriculture's modernization. However, absorption of the automatic control of the production plants and the management phase of the Internet of Things. Cloud computing closely connected to the Internet of Things. Agricultural modernization, rapid development perfect combination, Smart Farming feel the agriculture, rural areas, and farmers to solve the problem effectively.

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