Steps To Grow Your Wealth Steadily By Investing In Monthly Income Plan Of Mutual Funds

  • Pushpa Raj K, Dr. B. Shyamala Devi,


The Primary Objective Of This Study Is To Identify The Top Performing Monthly Income Plan Among
The Selected List Of Mip Mutual Funds Available In India. In Mutual Funds, Mips Are One Such
Category Which Invests Majorly In Debt Oriented Funds And Very Less Or Little Exposure Towards
Equity Funds. Making Investment Under Mips Is Considered As Lessrisky With Higher Potential
Returns.Monthly Income Plans Are Launched With The Intent Of Providing Monthly Income To Its
Investors On Regular Basis. The Investors Choose The Periodicity Of The Payments - Generally Like
Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly And Annually.A Growth Option Is Also Available For The Investors. In
Growth Option, The Investors Will Not Be Receiving The Dividends In Monthly Income But For The
Purpose Of Increasing Their Gains In The Form Of Capital Appreciation. In This Study, We Are Going
To Evaluate The Performance Of The Selected Mips Under Hybrid Mutual Funds Category. The Risk
Ratios Of These Funds Like Sharpe Ratio, Beta And Standard Deviations Have Also Been Analyzed. This
Study Concludes With The Identification Of Top Performing Mip Under Hybrid Mutual Funds Including
Their Volatility And Returns Yielded Per Each Unit Of Risk.

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