Promulgating Associations within Facial Expressions And Cognitive Neurodynamics

  • Rubleen Kaur


Cognitive Neurodynamics overlaps multiple interdisciplinary fields such as neuroscience, computer
science, cognitive science etc. This field also covers cognitive brain computer interface for
monitoring the cognitive focus in arousal-valence conditions. It is concerned with the study of
different aspects that lie under cognition and emotion with a special focus on neural connections in
the brain that involved in the mental processes. Emotions play a major role in human decision
making, perception, interaction & cognition. It is a time varying affective phenomena that are elicited
as a result of stimuli such as audio or video. There are two methods named as EEG signals and facial
expression implemented in this paper for detecting emotions. The main challenging task is
recognizing the facial reaction of a person at a same time EEG is taken by the system. Face
Recognition are carried out in three different stages: 1. face detection, 2.feature extraction,
3.expression classification. The main objective of this research methodology is to carry out emotion
analysis by implementing and evaluating various research issues to obtain a high classification rate.
The paper provides a novel approach of emotion recognition using facial expression and Electro
Encephalography (EEG) signals of subjects. The subjects are recorded by a good quality camera and
EEG machine respectively while watching the advertisements.

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