Virtual Smartphone

  • Jyotiprakash Nayak ,Kawaljit Kaur ,Rajwant Kaur


Currently Smartphones plays an important role in most of the work of humans in day to day life,
which makes work easier for a humans. The work can be to deal with another company by video
conference, send document through Email, Google Map for knowing about location, etc. We know
that Smartphone is helpful but due to lack of resources sometime it becomes difficult for user to utilize
them. The problems are like less storage space, inadequate processor, not enough battery power, etc.
Current smartphones are also not adequate for an application developer to test their application,
because they needs high speed processor and also need to keep their prototype of the application
secure so that no external party can hamper on it. As We know that the data is important for any type
of organization, to make sure that the data are kept safely they are using separate phone for it
because they do not have any alternative option for it. To solve these type of problem, a cloud based
smartphone has been introduced which stores all data related to application, contacts, etc on cloud
and the processes will be run on the cloud with the help of BaaS (Backend as a Service). Using this,
user can access these data from anywhere at any time by a physical smartphone, which is also more
secure than physical smartphone.

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