Rain Prediction Using Fog Computing

  • Yash Panchal, Muruganantham Balakrishnan


Cloud data management includes cloud platforms either on location or off location. Cloud being one of the useful techniques for backing up data during the hard times of data loss. Temperature being main key to predict the climate conditions like rainfall. Raw data on cloud can be publicly to all or privately be located and exchanged between two individuals or two edge devices. There are various norms for Cloud that follows own rules and regulation for Security as well as for response purpose. Raw data can be accessed through connection or connectionless platforms over wide rages of Inter-Networking. Cloud has many varied beneficial factors from Small business to Big Corporations. Multiple Services are provided by cloud, typically Individual can opt for more or less services from cloud based on one’s requirement. Setting up own services is quite a difficult work to be done to meet the quality as well as quantity so is such a case cloud plays a major role. Providing correct path to at-least meet the critical point satisfies the proof to correct results.

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