DDoS attack Occurrence and Countermeasures

  • Er. Prabhsharan Kaur, Amandeep Kaur, Er. Sandeep Kaur


DDoS is a Distributed Denial of Service is an assault which occurs due to flooding of resources of
the target using multiple servers resulting into a troublesome security issue which needs to be
addressed. This assault is due to the multiple compromised systems like a botnet flooding the
bandwidth with huge traffic. While many existing strategies (e.g., IP traceback) center around
following the area of the aggressors afterward, little is done to alleviate the impact of an assault
while it is seething on. Few procedures are reviewed that can successfully deal through most of DDoS
traffic, in this way improving the general throughput of the authentic traffic. The countermeasures
can improve the throughput of real traffic by reducing the DDoS assaults over the network.

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