Prediction of Human Behavior and Thoughts

  • Dr. Anand Kr. Shukla, Dr. Amit Jain, Dr Amanpreet Kaur


Social media is becoming very famous and easily available communication medium for the internet
users now days, now a day. Billions of users are sharing their feelings and emotions that they are
facing in their daily life. Therefore social media sites have huge sources of the information or rawdata for sentiments mining and analysis. Due to large activities on social media sites, it is becoming a
new research area for the researchers, research scholars and academicians. There are several sites
that are very famous as social activities like, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. In this paper we have
taken Twitter data for analysis. In this paper we have shown how to collect data through some given
API’s for the purpose of sentiment mining and analysis. With the help of that analysis we are able to
determine the type of thoughts and sentiments like positive, neutral or negative are spreading among
the folk or public. Exploratory assessments appear that the suggest procedures are proficient and
perform way improved than already suggest strategies. In this study and analysis, we have worked
with English, be that as it may, the proposed method can be utilized with any other dialect.

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Dr. Anand Kr. Shukla, Dr. Amit Jain, Dr Amanpreet Kaur. (2020). Prediction of Human Behavior and Thoughts. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(10s), 2710-2718. Retrieved from