Classification of Cybercrimes and Cyber-Incidents

  • Suvigya Hairiya, Ansh Sachdeva, A. Meena Priyadharsini


Cybercrimes very much are a product of today’s modern technology environment. These offences occur across the cyberspace and have a risk associated with them of low to high intensity for our society and many industries, what in turn can pose a national as well as a global threat. Economy also becomes much pregnable if an instance like this occurs. Conventionally, emergency systems have been installed to counter and detect these incidents. But even these may sometimes become infeasible or insufficient for these incidents. But majority of incidents nowadays occur on a small or medium scale only. Hence, this project uses physical parameters of time and location to tag these crimes, which would aid to prevent them in future. Having these parameters in coordination with the algorithms such as Random Forest or Decision Trees aids to come to a conclusive result regarding the time-taken by each algorithm. Then, assess these results and devise a conclusive outcome from this detection.

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