Ftir Analysis Of Membrane Used In Treating Different Ground Water Sample

  • Vinodkumar S and R Baskaran


Water is most precious substance in the worldand providing a clean and safe drinking water is important for human health.Water are easily get polluted directly from industrial and domestic pollutants.Membrane technology has become a noble separation technology over the past years in water treatment process. Membrane technology works with low energy use and easy process conditions. This work is focussed on treating the ground water from different part of Chennai by the RO –UV-UF System.The membrane plays keys role in the disbursement of the water treatment process.Our main objective to explore the knowledge about the fall off RO membrane performance and find the better solution from fouling.FTIR analysis gives the complete detail report about the organic matters present on the RO Membrane and identify the functional group. The report suggest that presence of aliphatic and aromatic compounds present in the fouled membrane.

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