A Bright Future awaits International Students of Developed Countries

  • Huynh Tan Hoi


Studying abroad has been regarded as an academic luxury; however, it has become more popular as the consequence of higher education globalization and internationalization in many countries across the globe, including Vietnam. Researchers have realized a variety of factors that significantly influence international students’ decisions of study destinations in different countries, but there is still a lack of similar studies in Vietnam. This paper was conducted to explore prospective international Vietnamese students’ perceptions of factors that they take into account when deciding a study destination. The study employed semi-structured interviews to draw qualitative data from 50 participants. The data were analyzed using the content analysis approach and double coding technique. The results indicated that the participants considered various factors - both in terms of pull and push factors - in making decisions of the study destination, which included both Western and Asian ones. In addition, the findings highlighted that the participants would like to study abroad because of extrinsic rather than intrinsic motivations and that they were not fully aware of challenges waiting them ahead in the study journey. Finally, the findings suggested a minor risk of brain drain among the participants.

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