Artificial Intelligence: A paradigm shift in Business

  • Nisha Sharma1, Atul Sharma


Artificial intelligence is the most emerging trend in the era of technology. Artificial intelligence helps
the machines to think, learn from experience, adjust according to new inputs, decide and behave like
a human being to participate in rational decision making so that machines generates quick results
without any errors. In today’s scenario business is considered as the backbone for the development of
a country. Small-scale business to medium-size business(SMB’s) is getting benefits by using artificial
intelligence to minimizing cost, improving performance, security and tracking business functions are
the major concerns of any organization to set up and sustain their business in the economy. To deal
with such issues artificial intelligence can act as a catalyst. The main purpose of this research paper
is to attain competitive advantage and analyze the benefits of adopting artificial intelligence in
business firms for their better growth and development. Artificial intelligence is making its space in
every business operation like a human resource(HR), supply chain management(SCM), sales analysis
and promotion strategies etc. This paper is based on the secondary study. The data for concluding the
topic is taken from various research papers, books, internet, journals etc

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