Internet of Things (IOT) : Benefits and Risks Analysis

  • Amandeep Singh,Harleen Kaur, Mansirat Kaur


Internet of Things (IoT) may have numerous amounts of advantages and yet it has been given very
less consideration in e-commerce. There are various circumstances portrayed by IoT in which
internet is used to connect physical devices so that they can communicate with each other and also
can distinguish themselves to other items connected. Immense amount of data is generated when the
devices are interconnected. Online business can get significant amount of advantages, when it is
conceivable to join information from various devices and different frameworks. It is also predicted
that there might be risks along with the benefits achieved by the technology. There is a systematic
analysis of benefits and risks of Iot in this paper. The outcome affirms that there are many strategic,
operational and key benefits along with risks joined to its reception. Only by tranquilizing the
possible risk, we can achieve the benefits.

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