A Cross- Cultural Study on Indian Folk Music

  • Sruthi Saji and Dr. Sreelakshmi N.


Music always held a considerable place in Indian tradition. The diversity in the culture and tradition of India leads to diverse music as well, especially in the regional music category. Folk songs are given prominence in this study due to its value in marking what Indian tradition is. A cross-cultural study is made in-depth for analyzing the cross-sections of Indian society paving way for miscellaneous cultures. The introduction will have a brief history on the formation of Indian music, which thereby was developed and reshaped over centuries. This paper particularly analyzes the question of whether there are any common factors connecting such diversifying music or are they diverse in all the sense, how culture shapes art(music), paving way for defining a specific community. And it also studies on how emotional aspects of music are similar among cultures which help to validate the psychological theories of music and emotion. A historical-comparative reading with a briefing on the culture and tradition of different states of India and the psychological intervention along with it adds on to contributing knowledge as well.

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