Pilgrimage Tourism Satisfaction: Empirical study of Varanasi and Prayagraj

  • Ritesh Sharma


This study is trying to find out the relationship between overall satisfaction of tourists visiting Varanasi and Prayagraj. For conducting this research study we have considered various temples and facilities present at these two places which are the most prominent pilgrimage tourism destinations of eastern Uttar Pradesh of India. There are many developmental projects are being carried out on these places while keeping one purpose that is to emancipate Spiritual tourism development. Investments by the government and private sector had significantly turned these places as the most popular target not only to experience ease but also to develop on the path of all mighty. We know that Pilgrimage Tourism helps pilgrims to develop spiritually. In fact tourism helps people to develop personally as well as professionally and it is the major cultural and economic force. India is known for its rich cultural heritage. Pilgrimage, Spiritual and religious tourism, is a travel which is entirely inspired because of some pious goals. These goals could be to lead spiritual growth, happiness and to have peace and achieve final destination in life, which is self- actualization in life. Holy or spiritual tourism is the main stage to achieve the above goal. There is special kind of relationship between the pilgrims and the environment of the holy place. Along with spiritual reasons, there could be more reasons to travel these places like to explore other places sites which are existing there, shopping and to gather new knowledge of the place. People throughout the globe come to India for many reasons among them spirituality and spiritual growth are the most important. India has rapidly emerging as a health conscious and spiritual tourism destination. Since time immemorial, India is marked for its spirituality. India is also turning out as the valuable destination to get psychological peace, meditation and inner self while connecting with the Lord Shiva. Socio-cultural impacts of spiritual tourism of Varanasi and Allahabad were hardly brought into discussion. Therefore, a study on Varanasi and Allahabad was conducted to explore and identify Pilgrims inclination towards Spiritual Tourism Development in this region.

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