An Efficient Hybrid Swarm Intelligence Methodology For Low BER OFDM Systems

  • Mamta Arora, Paras Chawla


With the development of the optical communication technology, it is necessary for the high data rate
services like as voice and information over diverse media services. Channel estimation is done in
frequency-domain after Fast Fourier Transform FFT at destination. The channel estimation on the
pilot tones is based on the pilot insertion, and then interpolation is performed to receive channel
estimation. Generally, pilots are utilized for the channel estimation, through the comparison of pilot
sequence at the destination side, the channel state is searched. The issue of the overhead is solved
through the channel estimation. The main goal of this research is that the pseudo pilot offers a
reliable and efficient method of non-pilot assisted channel estimation. In the proposed approach, a
hybridization technique has been implemented to alleviate the error rate in the signals. The hybrid
approach is the combination of the two optimization i.e. particle swarm optimization (PSO) and Moth
Flame Optimization (MFO) method. The simulation tool is MATLAB and proposed method is
calculated as performance based on parameters such as BER and end to end delay (E2ED) is reduced
and throughput is increased.

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