The Comparative Analysis of Open Stack with Cloud Stack for Infrastructure as a Service

  • Dr. Yogesh Kumar Sharma, Dr. B. V. Ramesh Naresh Yadav, P. Anjaiah


The idea of cloud computing refers to both the application conveyed as services over the internet and the servers and system software in the data centers that give those services. These services include offering computing resources on paid basis, and it reduces the initial investment and maintenance costs. Efficient and convenient usage of resource management is the major focus of cloud solutions around the marketing world along with scalability and adaptability to another working environment. OpenStack surpassed the market as a versatile, performant, and adaptable open-source software for private and public clouds just as utilizing from hardware resources either for entry-level or professionals. As a cloud computing practitioner, a brief understanding of the components of Open-source computing tools is must, so as to plan, design, and implement the enterprise level unique cloud computing solutions. In this paper, a brief overview of the open stack cloud computing platform and the advantages of these open-source cloud computing tools to the common users is described. Later, we have presented the issues and the recent developments by various researchers and in the industry over the open-source tools. In our paper we described mainly ‘6’ widely used open-source cloud computing tools. Further, we described the Open Source IaaS followed by comparing the Open Stack with Cloud Stack.

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P. Anjaiah, D. Y. K. S. D. B. V. R. N. Y. (2019). The Comparative Analysis of Open Stack with Cloud Stack for Infrastructure as a Service. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 28(16), 164 - 174. Retrieved from