Technological Interventions In American Women’s Solo Journeys To Nepal

  • Devika S, Dr Sreenath Muraleedharan


The assertion of the identity of women begins from the realisation that they can bring about changes in the world around them. Women, having been treated as a subject of discourses in anthropological studies, starts claiming their ‘self’in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Women’s journey from adventures to naturalists and then to anthropologists is the result of the modern and postmodern ideologies. Apart from these self-driven forces, technology has played a great role in promoting and ensuring a better, often safest travel experiences to women. Most of these technological advancements help the European and non-European women travellers throughout their journey especially in South Asian countries. Nepal, as a South Asian country is one of the major third world countries that offered counter-cultural privileges like Freak Street, drugs, spiritualism etc. This paper would analyses the post-war technologies which resulted in the boom of women’s travel and how it authenticated the travels made by three women from America, Barbara J Scot, Elizabeth Enslin and Jamaica Kincaid, through their travel narratives.

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