Women’s Work Life Balance and CSR

  • Dr. Shalini Singh, Dr. Yashmita Awasthi, Dr. Aakanksha Uppal,


Work life Balance indicates achieving satisfying experiences in all life domains, by employing personal resources like energy, time and commitment. Satisfaction is possible with the good functioning at work and at home with a minimum of role conflict. Work life balance is very critical, essential as well as influential in case of female working class. Women’s work very hard in comparison to men to maintain the balance between both the duties. Today’s world has great opportunity for womens, as the career of women has become an important need for the fulfilment of economic instability in families. Economic situation as well as the personal needs of the family has forced the womens to overcome those requirements. Work life balance is an analysis and a global assessment of work and family resources to overcome the work and family requirements so that the individual could be able to discharge effective participation in both the domains. This paper promotes to focus the struggle and imbalances faced by the working women in their life

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