Efficient Link Prediction Algorithm For Effective Transmission And Quality Of Service In Mobile Adhoc Network

  • Mahendran A, Kavitha C


Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) comprises of a lot of remote portable hubs conveying to one another with no incorporated control or fixed system foundation and can be sent rapidly. The potential applications incorporate emergency disaster alleviation, combat zone circumstances, mine site activities, and remote study halls or meeting rooms in which members wish to share data or to get information. To protect the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity for transmitted data over insecure networks, two communicating parties usually need to establish session keys via a key agreement protocol. We propose the DSR protocol, Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithm and IDAGKA Protocol using multi-level cluster structure to improve scalability. Besides, it transfers the Route Discovery procedure to the 2-server level to prevent the network flooding due to the DSR Route Discovery. Thus, Route Discovery does not require flooding mechanism and overhead is minimized. We prove the security for the proposed protocol in the IDAGK security model. The proof results show that the proposed protocol is secure under the CDH assumption in the random oracle model. The proposed protocol needs only three rounds of messages, and can enable short communication latency and rapid response. Finally, proposed a Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithm sub-cluster head is provided, which is used to reduce the transmission distance of cluster heads to base station, thus energy can be save more efficiently. The performance of the proposed scheme is evaluated using various metrics such as: Coverage Redundancy Ratio, Re-Transmission Time, Random Trip Time, Detection time, Data Transmission Speed, Overhead Ratio and Energy Efficiency Ratio

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