Self-Curing Possiblities Of Blended Concrete Using Water Soluble Polymer

  • N.T.Suryawanshi, S.B. Thakare , R.K.Jain


This paper describes the use of water soluble polymer in concrete of normal and high strength. Poly vinyl alcohol is water soluble polymer available commercially in white granular powder form .It has ability to swell by absorbing water. Blended concrete produced using any mineral admixture will result in stiff mix. The water cement ratio adopted will also not sufficient to give workable mix. This would internally affect the hydration process and result in reduction in strength of concrete. Self-curing is the concept in which polymers will hold water and release it slowly internally to accelerate hydration process. In this study blended ordinary concrete M20 produced by using Sugar cane bagasse ash and high strength concrete M60 produced using high reactive Metakaolin. Polyvinyl alcohol added in varying percentage from 0.1 to 1% by the weight of cement. The results obtained shows that the both ordinary and high strength concrete can be cured without applying water externally. The self-curing of both concrete is possible by the addition of very less percentage polymers without compromising strength of concrete.

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N.T.Suryawanshi, S.B. Thakare , R.K.Jain. (2020). Self-Curing Possiblities Of Blended Concrete Using Water Soluble Polymer. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(9s), 3829 - 3835. Retrieved from