A systematic review on OCDMA network having different detection techniques

  • Swati Thakur , Ashima Shah


OCDMA i.e. optical code division multiple access network become the great area of interest in
today’s optical communication networks. It fulfill all the basic criteria which are required for a good
communication to take place i.e. no. of consumers can access to the data asynchronously or
synchronously with high level of data security. As in OCDMA network every user is provided with
unique address code so, even in burst of data the chances of leakage of data is very rare. But at the
receiver end data get degraded due to the noise in communication channel and in the components. In
this paper, there is differentiation of four different detection techniques used in OCDMA based
network discussed. Those detection techniques are namely direct detection method, AND subtraction
method , modified AND detection method , single photodiode detection(SPD). These detection
techniques helps to recover the data with removal of noise which occur during the data transmission

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