Sentiment Analysis for Product Improvement in e-Commerce Sites – A Simulation

  • Kiruthika S, Kirubasri G


Sentiment analysis refers to the utilization of normal language preparing, content investigation, computational semantics, and biometrics to efficiently recognize, extricate, evaluate, and study full of feeling states and abstract information. In the present serious business world, monitoring client needs and market-situated creation is a key achievement factor for ventures. To this point, the utilization of proficient logical calculations guarantees better comprehension of client input and improves the up and coming age of items. As needs be, the sensational increment in the utilization of online networking in day by day life gives valuable sources to showcase analytics. traditional logical calculations and techniques can be scaled up for such divergent and multistructured information sources. In this research paper, we have to the simulate the sentiment analysis for online product reviews. In our online product shopping, comments will be collected by the people opinions and we have to classified the comments into positive, negative and neutral comments. After analyzing the comments, which is high rating comments will be posted on the top order in the comment list the high rating reviews will be send to the supplier’s mail.

 Keywords: Sentiment Analysis, Sentiment Classification, Features Selection, Text Reviews.

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