Gesture Control Robot Using Arduino

  • A. Parimala, W. Nancy, M. Benisha, N.Nandhagopal, N.Krishnaraj


Gesture recognition has always been an important technique to minimize the path between the digital and physical world. In this paper, we are introducing the Arduino based robot vehicle system that is no longer required in manual controlling cars. The proposed work is obtained by utilizing the microcontroller, RF receiver/transmitter, Metal detector. It also focuses on the design structure of electronic metal detector which has been bonded with robot for the purpose of detecting the landmines/buried metals in the defense field without involving the manpower resources. At the same time robots are controlled in wireless manner. The ideas from theory are molded into hardware components. And the software is integrated into the system to test the ideas that are formulated. The system uses arguing controllers where the robots are directed to move in a regulated manner.

Keywords: Human interaction, Hand gesture, landmines, wireless communication.

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