A Survey on Applications of IoT in Food Processing Industry

  • Kayalvizhi M, Sivagnanaprabhu K K


The network of devices that make use of the Internet for transmitting their collected data is called as the Internet of Things (IoT). Today, the Internet of Things has introduced a massive growth in the Food industry. Various types of phenomenal applications of the Internet of Things have provided numerous opportunities for the food suppliers, processors, and retailers in achieving their targeted operational and financial enhancements in their food businesses. Significant betterment has been observed in the food industry with the amalgamation of its various functional areas with the IoT. As such, the IoT aids the food companies in achieving enhanced levels of traceability, food security and, controls the functions through the farm-to-plate supplies chain operations. The incorporation of the IoT network in the food supply chain has tremendously minimized the volume of wastages, expenditures, and risks that appear in all phases of the procedure. The IoT technology offers numerous benefits to the food industry with an extremely powerful impact.

Keywords: Internet of Things (IOT), Food Processing Industry, Supply Chain, Fruit Industry, Sensors, Remote Monitoring.

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