IOT based Electric vehicle charging station using Arduino Uno

  • P.Muralikrishnan, M.Kalaivani


The Earlier the population of electric vehicles are low, Now the electric vehicles are going to be the future transport but the main disadvantage of the electric vehicles are lack of charging stations and the long charging time. In order to increase the efficiency of the charging station and to reduce the charging time we made the charging station by utilizing the renewable and non-renewable energy to increase it’s efficiency and with fast charging technology through wired or wireless modes to reduce the charging time. When a electric vehicles battery is charged using AC Supply  by  using AC to DC Converter there are many losses due to conversion and in form of heat and it reduces the charging station efficiency and increases the charging time. To overcome this problems, The charging station should have a separate battery pack from which the electric vehicles are to be charged by using DC to DC rapid charging technology, Thus the efficiency of the charging station is increased with reduced charging time. Every electric vehicles power consumption details and the cost for charging of each vehicle gets updates to the charging stations website periodically. The efficiency of the charging station and charging speed can be increased by installing charging ports or wireless charging pads in the parking of hotel, parks, theatre, malls and in traffic signals.

Keywords:  Electric vehicle, storage, IOT, charging station.

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