Parameter Estimation Of Horizontal Multi-Layer Soil Using Hybrid DEPSO Method

  • Kaushal Pratap Sengar, Kandasamy Chandrasekaran


Design and performance of earthing system for an electrical substation depends on its soil parameters. In this article, a new approach to evaluate the parameters of unknown multilayer soil model is presented. Methodology based on Newton polynomial interpolation and hybrid of differential evolution and particle swarm optimization technique (DEPSO) are used in the calculation of soil apparent resistivity. DEPSO technique is used to obtain horizontal stratified soil parameters such as number of layers, resistivity and thickness of each layer. Results of the proposed method is verified by comparing data of experimental apparent resistivity obtained from field measurement available in the literature for horizontal stratified soil. Error between measured and theoretical apparent resistivity of soil stratification is calculated. The calculated error is further helps to identify the soil parameters. The effectiveness of this methodology is proved to apply it for different case studies and simulated results are compared with the experimental and theoretical results reported in the literature and good agreements are found.

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