Smart Electric Hand- Held Device For Female And Children Safety

  • V. Kalai Rajan, J.Karthikeyan, Dr.T.Sengolrajan, K.S.Vignesh


This paper intends to a design of Smart Electric Hand-held Device (SEHD) for Women and Children Safety which help the women and children during the emergency conditions when there are alone. When there is a sexual harassment or theft towards the women, they simply press the trigger switch and touch the theft from distance and can attack the theft and protect themselves. When the switch is pressed the heavy electrical shock around 200V is passed in the path of the needle in hand-held device and is affects the theft. It consists of Arduino controller, battery, rectifier circuit, IGBT, step up transformer and KVA capacitor. The two end needles of the capacitor will produce high voltage AC. The proposed hand-held device with capacitor can kill the small organisms like small insects, small birds and other living things. This user friendly device used to prevent women from public nuisance caused by unknown people unexpectedly and this device can also charge by solar. A small solar board is provided in this system. This proposed system designed with USB port. So it is used for charging smart phone and power bank. The other facilities of hand-held device are solar charging flash light, bluetooth network and include GSM. It can send the alert message to the guardian whenever the trigger is pressed by women. The development system is a compact device which is used for an emergency purpose for women and can disturb only the muscle functions without causing significant injury. It leads to safe and secure protection to women and child safety from unknown people in our society. 

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V. Kalai Rajan, J.Karthikeyan, Dr.T.Sengolrajan, K.S.Vignesh. (2020). Smart Electric Hand- Held Device For Female And Children Safety. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(9s), 3576 - 3584. Retrieved from