Malware Detection In Smartphone As An Information Security

  • S.Geetha , T.V. Ananthan , V.R. Niveditha , K.Amandeep Singh


Android is a conventionally used as operating mobile system among the unrestricted users. Due to its powerful safety measures and safety at different levels of overlay system, the pleasant appearance of the android OS improved. At the present time smart phones are available at slashed rates and are extensively used across the world. Smart phones are not only used for making phone calls and sending communication but also used for storing private data, Internet browsing, online banking etc security has become increasingly very important in mobile instruments. The main safety measures troubles in android instruments are cruel assault which has been uncovered to unusual intimidation. The amount of latest applications by the creation of movable instruments and their associated app stores is too full-size to physically inspect the together submission for malevolent behavior. Installing applications which may leads to safety susceptibility on the stylish phone apply for access to susceptible information. There are variety of malwares can do violence to machine tool namely bug, worms, Botnet, Trojans, Backdoor and source kits due to these attack the users is compromise by isolation.

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S.Geetha , T.V. Ananthan , V.R. Niveditha , K.Amandeep Singh. (2020). Malware Detection In Smartphone As An Information Security. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(9s), 3335 - 3342. Retrieved from