Big Data empowered with Machine Learning and upcoming Challenges

  • Meenakshi, Rainu Nandal, Kamaldeep Joshi


Computer fanciers or partisans would, in the past, explore and exploit computer learning as a mean to optimally play games or do a limited part of statistics that would rarely rely on computational approach.  But now with support of Machine Learning(ML) , we have got to know its pivotal role and it is being reckoned as an independent research discipline that has evolved a lot and helped humankind by not only developing versatile algorithms from the likes of pattern recognition to text interpretation and many more such products but has also set ultimate basis for statistical-computational principles of learning procedures and has motivated to a distinct research awareness in data mining in order to cater identification of latent uniformities or abnormalities in the social data which are growing every minute. Machine Learning (ML) is therefore, indeed a powerful instrument that can anticipate the type of future data by simply analyzing the past feeds. This is done by establishing a model through input instances which makes data driven forecasts or conclusions that could be utilized in immediate future with the help of Machine Learning Algorithm operations. Also, today’s digital machineries and modern info structures such as internet of things, cloud computing, etc. generate a reservoir of data, in terabytes each day.  A lot of multiple level operations and efforts are required to extract and gather knowledge for decision making, analyzation and process this huge data. Currently, Big Data exploration is therefore area of examination and expansion. This “Big Data” and its analysis is bringing much results and success in the field of data sciences. It can scale the Big Data in so many ways to empower the data science. Now, Machine Learning can be aided with Big Data in order to get efficient and even precise predictive systems and moreover it can be utilized to resolve intricate data analytic problems.  And, to elaborate and guide the challenges involved in ML on Big Data, we introduce the best possible frame-work in our paper. This frame-work depicts the phases of Raw Data to its preprocessing, learning and ultimate evaluation.

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