Crop Yield Prediction using Random Forest

  • R. Vidhya, Pragya Mathur, Shivani Sai Valluri


Agriculture is the most vital sector of Indian Economy. This industry is one of the biggest sources of income for the people. Ours is a country which suffers from natural calamities which leads to the crop getting destroyed. We are prone to getting affected by floods, droughts and other such calamities and this in turn leads to great financial losses for the farmers. Predicting the crop yield well in advance can assist the farmers in making suitable plans for things like storing, selling etc. Recent development in the domain of data mining has enabled us the reach a point where we can research about prediction of crop yield. Prediction of crop yield deals with large set of data which makes this prediction system a suitable one for application of data mining. This paper offers a quick evaluation of crop yield prediction using Random Forest technique for a specific region.

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