Family's Tips in Children's Education

(Study of Exemplary Families in the City of Padang)

  • Ulfatmi and Ris’an Rusli


The family is the main and first educational institution that has the most influence on
the formation of a child's personality. Parents play an important role as educators in the
family, because children get experience from the care of parents given to them. This study
aims to examine how an exemplary family in the city of Padang educates her child. The
results of the study found; 1) Parents before marriage see the personality of the
prospective husband or wife when choosing a spouse, 2) Parents are directly involved
early in teaching Islamic values to children, 3) Parents provide role models in worship
and behavior 4) Parents develop communication who are warm, polite, and open in
educating children 5) Parents take care of children with sincerity, patience, and develop
an attitude of tolerance and empathy.

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