Mothers’ Experience in Weaning the Child

  • Melly Nirma Syahriani and Ismarwati


Weaning is a process that is done in stages, where the beginning of this process is to
reduce the frequency of breastfeeding to stop breastfeeding. The World Health
Organization recommends that babies should receive exclusive breastfeeding until the
age of 6 months and continue until the age of 2 years. The method in compiling this
scoping review is to use the Arksey and O'Malley guidelines. The results obtained from 8
articles found that there are methods used in weaning children including the BLW (Baby
Led Weaning) and TW (Traditional Weaning) methods. Psychological mothers such as
feeling anxious, worried, sad are feelings that are usually felt by mothers when weaning
their children. Factors affecting weaning include the level of parental education,
information dissemination from health workers, norms and culture. The theme discussed
in this review is the mother's experience in weaning the child, which includes the method
used in weaning the child, the mother's psychological in weaning the child, and the
factors that influence weaning.

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