Mathematics Achievement vs Parenting Style

  • Reni Untarti and Anggun Badu Kusuma


The students’ characteristics determine the achievement to master mathematics, and
the parenting style determines the students’ character building. This research described
the parenting style, which was related to the students’ mathematics achievement. This
research belongs to descriptive qualitative research using 76 students of first-year
mathematics education as the subject of the study. The data were obtained from the
questionnaire, documentation, observation, and in-depth interview. The research shows
that the authoritative parenting style is the best style related to mathematics learning
achievement. Besides, the authoritarian, although it can’t be better comparing with
authoritative, can develop the mathematics learning achievements as well. Permissive
style is considered not to develop the students to get the achievement in mathematics and
also the rejecting-neglecting style too. However, the best achievement in mathematics is
achieved by students with permissive parenting.

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